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Services - Global Management & Legal Consulting

In the 21st Century, companies are looking for international guidance from experts who have the experience for global business success.

Prof. Dr. Mentz and his global consulting and Coaching teams may provide the following assistance.


Other Training and Materials


Wealth Education

Global Marketing

International Tax

Brand and Reputation Management

International Alliance Development - International Contracting

International Sales - Development of Distribution

International Internet Sales Consulting - SEO and Internet Customer Recruiting

International Legal and Risk Analysis - International Law

Trademark and Copyright Consulting - Intellectual Property

Wealth Management Consulting


Mentz has offices,  associations and consultative alliances in: Latin America, India, China, Singapore, EU, Africa, and Arabia.


The Holistic Development Involves:


Teach people to take charge of their life, career, and state of well being.

Coaching professionals on optimizing business success.

Help others learn to interpersonal communications in business and personal relationships.

Inspire others to grow their business and increase money making abilities

Convey solutions to problems to your clients for family, friends, career, and health.

Educate others on how to build professional relationships & learn to network.

Coach your clients on how to renew their professional or spiritual lives

Help people build character in body mind and soul through constructive strategies.

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