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In the 21st Century, companies are looking for international guidance from experts who have the experience for global business success.

Counselor Mentz and his global consulting teams may provide the following MARKETING HELP


Mentz Consulting owns an array of over 500 Select Websites and Domains to help strategically market your products and services to a worldwide audience. Select existing media channels are used or even created to boost exposure.



  • Prof. Mentz is a pioneer in "hign end" web-customer recruiting and has published several peer reviewed journal articles on internet recruiting and web marketing.
  • Prof. Mentz has consulted from the USA, Middle East, Latin America,  to China with top companies to help them achieve their desired goals and targets.
  • Prof Mentz works directly with his Asia  and USA  teams to fulfill client needs
  • Prof. Mentz and his marketing company have helped companies double their revenues through proper branding, internet Search Optimization & Ranking, web design, marketing campaigns, holistic SEO, and pay per click management.
  • Read some of Prof. Mentz's Peer Journal Articles on Internet Marketing : Article 1; Article 2; Article 3
  • Mentz's newest article regarding your Online Credibility
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